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Dr. Jeremy Tam

Dr. Jeremy Tam is a general dentist at Allegra Dental. He is passionate about providing patients in Nepean, Ottawa, and beyond with the dental care they deserve while reducing anxiety as much as possible. 

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Dr. Jeremy Tam, Nepean Dentist

Dr. Jeremy Tam, DMD

Jeremy had an intense interest in science since childhood, especially in healthcare. He focused on a science education while growing up in Toronto.

After an undergraduate education at U of T, he went to NYC to further indulge in his interest in science. While in NYC, he received a M.Sc. and M.D. in molecular biology and medicine. His desire to provide comprehensive care to my patients while alleviating their anxiety and pain led to his interest in internal medicine and anesthesiology.

After obtaining a D.M.D from the University of Sydney in Australia, the interest in providing comprehensive care and interest in anesthesia would continue into dentistry. He strongly believes in using the latest knowledge and research in an evidence-based approach to act as a foundation for his practice.

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